Sustainability Policy

Organise This Sustainability Policy

Organise This continue to develop, add to and expand their sustainability policy. If you have any suggestions or questions on the policy please contact us at [email protected]

Organise This is BS8901 compliant, 3rd party certified since September 2008.

In August 2009 we were assessed by BSI, you can read the Assessment Report by clicking on the PDF icon above.


Sustainable Events Group Sustainability Policy

Guidance for the Sustainable Development Policy:

Sustainable Events Group send the below sustainability policy, including the subset strategy issues, to all their clients as part of the tender process as ways of working brief.

This policy applies to all Sustainable Events Group employees who are guided through this in training days and given opportunities at regular meetings to give input into improving the policy.


BS8901 is a management system for the implementation of sustainability within events -  Organise This Limited and Positive Impact Events (any event management) is 3rd party certified BS8901 Sustainable Event Management System compliant.

Organise This Ltd adheres to a strict sustainability policy both in the workplace and in all aspects of event management.

Clients are actively encouraged, at no extra cost, to take several simple steps to ensure their event is carried out in such a way as to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. We do ask all clients to consider incorporating these Phase 1 ethics into their event.

The SE Group built and use this management system for all their events.

The SE Group management system will be audited yearly.

Organise This Ltd understand that our operations and processes can impact both positively and negatively towards the environment, social and economic issues. Our purpose is to provide event management in such as way as to minimise negative social, environmental and economic impacts including. Our values include: honesty, integrity and leadership. We recognise that the event management of our events can have positive long term impacts to social, environmental and economic factors.

In recognition of the above we will follow a set of procedures to help us to continually improve including in the following areas:

  • Identify and engage with our key stakeholders on sustainability issues.
  • Set sustainability key performance indicators and targets, Provide unique leadership for the implementation of sustainability,
  • Provide the necessary resources and allocate appropriate responsibilities to  Organise This Ltd, staff
  • Provide training and build competencies for Organise This Ltd staff and apply with legal regulations.

Our commitment to sustainable event management extends to our following objectives:

  • To grow income levels to allow sustainable growth
  • Provide unique leadership for the implementation of sustainability
  • Develop our way of working structure to maximise potential


These objectives address our key issues of: business growth and lack of industry training.

This process will include our supply chain and maintenance of a record of documents and relevant communication.

The nominated sustainability champion is Fiona Pelham

Signed: Fiona Pelham, Managing Director

Date: 15/01/2009

Organise This Ltd staff:


  • Ensure room set up to be as sustainable as possible using checklists, templates and requesting measurements.
  • Organise the event using environmentally friendly ways of communication (email/website)
  • Inform attendees of public transport routes
  • Collect attendee travel mileage onsite or using the online registration system
  • Recycle aluminium cans, paper, plastics, glass and plastic bottles
  • Cut down on unnecessary packaging
  • Use crockery
  • Use sustainable procurement policy (see below)
  • Use travel policy (see below)
  • Link event to suitable community project
  • Source an environmentally friendly venue
  • Include a community involvement project as part of the event
  • Take all steps to reduce the amount of waste, carbon emissions created by the event

Organise This Ltd staff do the following:


  • Staff work from a paperless office
  • Staff make note pads from scrap paper
  • Company director responsible for sustainability policy
  • Staff trained on the subject of sustainability
  • Staff trained on the subject of BS8901
  • Staff given time, support and resources to review sustainability trends, market pressures, public and political attitudes
  • Staff encouraged to contribute recommendations for the sustainability policy
  • Staff given time, money and facilities to participate in voluntary environmental, community activities outside and within working hours.
  • Staff recycle mobile phones and computer equipment.
  • Staff turn off computers, equipment and lights when not in use
  • Staff only fill kettle required amount
  • Staff see specific environmental advice from third parties

Organise This Ltd Ways of Working;

  • The Sustainability Policy is made available to all clients
  • Clients are give the change to adhere to the sustainability polciye with no additional expense or event style change OR a second phase policy which could incur small changes in event style and/or cost to increase the sustainable nature of event.
  • Organise This Ltd are open to creating links, partnerships and working groups with similar community/environmentally minded businesses.
  • Organise This Ltd (Sustainable Events Ltd) release a twice yearly newsletter often includes ideas, hints and tips on how to hold environmentally friendly events.The newsletter is sent out electronically rather than in paper format

Organise This Ltd is committed to the ethos that every working project will benefit the community or environment whether the client has this objective or not. For example with every project a small community project will be arranged.

Organise This Procurement Policy

  • Organise This Ltd researches supplier sustainability policy and aim to work with the most environmentally aware/community involved suppliers
  • Organise This Ltd ask all their suppliers for their sustainability policy.
  • Organise This Ltd use products made from sustainable sources which can be recycled.
  • Organise This Ltd aim to source organic, fair-trade, local products
  •  Organise This Ltd ask suppliers for mileage of produces travelled
  • Organise This Ltd encourage suppliers to attend Positive Impact Education events
  • Organise This Ltd use the online measurement tool
  • Consider how all materials could be reduced/reused/recycled.
  • Source organic, local and fair trade produce caterers
  • Use tap water at an event

Organise This Ltd Travel

Travel Policy includes the following…

  • Arrange attendee car pooling
  • Promote public transport to events
  • After taking steps to reduce, measure carbon emissions created from delegate, staff travel and energy use from event
  • Offset emissions with local schemes
  • No internal UK flights to be taken by staff
  • Organise This Ltd, travel by public transport

Organise This Ltd Future Goals:

  • Continue to work in a way that is BS8901 compliant and incorporate ISO2012 changes
  • To have ethical financial policy
  • To promote environmentally friendly/community involved suppliers to clients
  • To report on sustainability including carbon footprinting